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People With Bad Credit Can Still Borrow Money…

Just because you have bad credit does not mean that you can’t borrow money for a home, auto, school, or emergencies.

In this section, you will find articles and information about how you can get a loan for a home, car, school, or emergencies even if you have bad credit.  Loans are available, you just need to realize that people with bad credit pay more for loans than people with good or excellent credit.  The best way to save money is to improve your credit score first, and then apply for the loans you need.  We realize you can’t always wait until you have fixed your credit score, so here is where we review and discuss the bad credit loan options you may have.

  • Considering a Reverse Mortgage? Here are a Few Things to Consider

    Seniors who have bad credit, and who own a home may be able to get cash by taking out a reverse mortgage.  If you are considering a reverse mortgage, here are a few things you need to consider.  Make sure to read this article before borrowing.

  • Have Bad Credit? Approval For Loans Can Be Difficult

    Have bad credit? As you know, your life can change when you have bad credit.  You may be denied housing, an apartment or the car that you really want.  You may still be able to get the basic necessities of life, but you will notice a change in the quality of your life.  You will also be disqualified from owning credit cards or qualifying for business loans.  Some people in debt have even been denied a bank account!  What is involved at the heart of a bad credit approval loan? 


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I didn't realize that there are other types of credit bureaus, including one that only deals with your checking account history. The credit bureau is "ChexSystems" and they need to comply with the same rules as regular credit bureaus. I was happy to find out that I could get my ChexSystems record cleared up! Read More