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5 Great (Free!) Guides to Saving Money

Bad credit typically starts with too much debt.  It’s a vicious cycle—you borrow money to make ends meet, then you end up not having enough money to repay your debts, and then you fall behind, and so on.  How do you stop this cycle of debt?  One way is to start managing your money more closely, and start saving a bit extra each paycheck.  Use the extra money to pay down debt or to establish an emergency savings fund (so the cycle doesn’t start again!).

Here are five great guides to help you get started managing your finances better.

  1. 66 Ways to Save Money.  This is a classic publication (there have been over two million copies distributed!).  The booklet provides useful and practical ways to cut everyday costs on transportation, insurance, banking, credit, housing, utilities, food, and more.
  2. Get the Facts on Saving and Investing.  This guide is published by the United States Security and Exchange Commission.  It provides a roadmap to help you start on a path to financial security through saving and investing. This guide is packed with helpful tips and easy to use worksheets to help you calculate your net worth, income, and expenses.
  3. Savings Fitness: A Guide to Your Money and Your Financial Future.  This book helps you create a personal savings plan and prepare for retirement.
  4. Consumer’s Almanac.  This booklet helps you organize your expenses, create savings for the future and for emergencies, and and manage your credit with monthly calendars and worksheets.
  5. Easy Credit Guide—Our own publication.  Learn how to improve your credit and adopt credit habits that will pay off big in terms of savings and better credit.

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