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Debt Collector Tactics—What to Expect (Dealing With Debt Collectors Tip #2)

Are you getting hounded by one or more collection agencies?  It’s stressful, and makes you want to disconnect your phone.  But take a second, and put yourself in the debt collector’s shoes…

Collection agencies hire normal people to do a job.  Their job is very difficult—they need to call people and try to get them to repay their debts (or alleged debts).  To get people to do this kind of job, many collection agencies pay their agents on a commission basis.  The agents get paid more when they collect more. 

If you were paid on this basis, wouldn’t you be motivated to collect more debts?  Maybe even be a bit aggressive and intimidating?  Yep, you probably would, if you were in their shoes.

So let’s think about the different strategies that a collector may use on you.  First, they may try the typical approach of bullying, intimidating, and threatening.  If you end up dealing with this type of collector, get a thick skin, and just listen patiently (and take notes of the collection call, as we mentioned in Tip #1) and don’t be intimidated.  Don’t let their threats of wage garnishment, lawsuits or jail get to you—they can’t use these tactics, and threatening to do so may be illegal in your State. 

Or, you may get a second type of collector—one that understands that a little honey catches more bees.  These collectors come across as being very empathetic, possibly even faking sympathy to get you to think they are on your side.  With these type of collectors, you need to remember who you are dealing with—someone who is trying to get the most money out of you as possible.  Sure, the sympathy may feel good, and they may sound like your friend, but their interests are complete different than yours.  Again, keep control of the situation by listening patiently, and keeping detailed notes.  Make your decision of what to do after you get off the phone, not while you are speaking to the agent.

Good luck, and keep checking back here for more tips and advice on how to deal with debt collectors, as well as other tips on dealing with bad credit.  Remember, everyone deserves to enjoy the benefits of good credit.

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