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Credit Repair Tips

Building A Good Credit Record

See Where Your Credit Report Stands

You need to see where your credit stands before you take any action. Look for any discrepancies such as other people’s information mixed up with yours. This could happen due to the credit bureau’s mistake or worse, someone has targeted you for identity theft. It is a very good idea to look at and be in control of your credit history. To view your credit report, check out our articles on getting your credit report.

Open a Checking and Savings Account

If you have a couple active bank accounts, you are seen as someone who has steady income and this provides the bank with answers to questions they may have including;  do you pay your bills on time? And are you consistently using the overdraft protection?

Apply for a Credit Card

If your bank approves you for a credit card, do not allow your bank to approve you with a higher limit than you can handle. You should never reach your limit. Keep your credit use to 30% for the best possible credit and pay all of your bills on time.

Be a Part of Someone Else’s Credit

If possible, attach your name to a trusted family member or spouse’s line of credit as a co-signer. While this loan will not be used by you, the primary signer’s loan will affect your credit history. It is extremely important that you trust this person and know of his or her credit history. Be sure to request a copy of this person’s credit report. Your can build credit if you co-sign with someone who maintains positive credit.

Once you have begun to build good credit, maintain your credit by establishing a budget to pay your bills on time and consider opting for car loans, mortgages and personal loans. When you prove you can pay these loans regularly and on time, building a good credit report will be simple and will not take long to become established.

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Credit Success Stories

I had a very low credit score making it nearly impossible to get credit let alone any financial help. I signed up with Credit X-Pert's [a preferred partner of CreditScoreAide] hoping that they would be able to assist me. I had an identity theft on my report and from the very beginning Credit X-Pert's was very involved in helping me resolve that situation. They even went as far as contacting our local police force to urge them start legal actions. I am currently still enrolled with Credit X-Pert's and they are continuing on repairing my credit. The support they have given me has been unmatched and I would definately recommend their company to anyone with any type of credit problems. Read More