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In a Credit Fix? Reports from the Credit Bureaus Can Have Errors

Are you looking for a credit fix report?  Fixing your credit can be complicated, especially if you are disputing some of the negative items that are appearing on file.  What is the best way to approach this credit fix and report situation?  The first step is to get a copy of your credit file.  This can be done by contacting any or all of the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.  You may be offered pay services or a free annual credit report, as provided by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  Try and look for a tri-merge report, as this report gives information from all three bureaus.  If you focus all of your attention on one, you may be missing out on other items, since this information is not standardized. 

After you review your credit fix report it’s time to report any suspicious activity you find.  It has been known to happen—errors have been made by the bureaus and by credit companies, as have cases of fraud.  Though it is not your fault, these debts can do major damage to your credit rating.  Unless you check your credit history on a regular basis, how can you know if you are being charged erroneously? 

Once you identify negative items on the credit fix report you can write out your dispute.  It may be best to try and contact the creditor first, especially if you recall having dealings with the company but don’t remember the charge.  Creditors have the right to remove any charges to a credit file, even beyond the power of credit bureaus.  However, in many cases many consumers have no choice but to contact the credit bureau directly.  Depending on which bureau you write (and you may have to write to all three) you may write a letter of dispute, call in a dispute or send a dispute online. 

Explain your case thoroughly and provide as much information as possible.  No one has ever been rejected for being too thorough, though there are plenty of cases where consumers have disputed charges with no evidence to produce.  Try and send the letter through certified or registered mail and document all communication with the bureau.  It may take about a month or so for the bureau to contact you, so be patient.  Remember though, that there is no charge for a second investigation.  If you have new evidence that could help your case then appeal, appeal, appeal!  This is the best way in how to fix credit reports.

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