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Who is Doing Your Credit Repair?

Credit reports have become big news lately with a proliferation of advertisements on television, radio and the internet for credit repair companies, free credit reports, and credit monitoring services. What often happens when something becomes trendy among the general public, many companies and individuals try to benefit from the opportunity by offering services and products to complement the trend. Some of these companies, unfortunately, do so by preying on consumers who need help and offer poor or outright deceitful services designed solely to turn a profit.

Credit repair is one of the services that has been targeted by unscrupulous providers and has earned a reputation as being fraudulent. While there are some “credit repair” organizations out there to be avoided, increased regulation and scrutiny by the federal and state governments has created an environment where “credit repair” companies who operate dishonestly are quickly located and shut down. This is a step in the right direction.

The result is a new era where the good providers will eventually take the business away from the poor providers because of their bad reputations. The good guys offer quality credit repair, they operate under close supervision to help consumers legally fix their credit by removing erroneous entries from their credit reports. They give timely advice on rebuilding a strong credit portfolio, and proper strategies for dealing with debt.

For many customers, this service proves to be very useful since studies have shown that approximately three out of four credit reports contain errors and most folks do not have the time or resources to repair their own credit. Legitimate credit repair companies work on behalf of their clients by interfacing with the major credit bureaus and sometimes individual creditors.

Whether you decide to try credit repair yourself, or choose to hire a credit repair firm, the scrutiny that the whole industry is under is working to clean up the entire trade. Consumers still are the best defense, know the laws, ask tough questions, and make sure you are dealing with a reputable company that understands your needs.

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