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How To Find a Credit Attorney

When credit problems get bad, how should you go about finding a credit attorney?  First determine what exactly the problem is and what you expect a credit attorney to do about it.  If the problem is that you’re in debt with legitimate charges, then don’t expect a credit attorney to work any miracles.  What will most likely happen is that you will either get an education in how to manage your money (which is available online or in the library for free) or you will be offered debt relief services.  Debt relief services are when a company (or their associated lawyer) speaks to creditors on behalf of you, hoping to talk them down to a reduced payoff.

If this is the type of lawyer you are looking for, then make sure that you are dealing with a reputable firm.  Recently, there have been numerous reports of scam artists impersonating real debt consolidation companies.  You can usually tell if this is the case by the statements that the company or attorneys make.  They want money upfront and promise you either too much or too little.  Real debt consolidation companies refinance your consolidated debt.  This is the primary reason to get involved with them.  If a lawyer can help you with this aspect of credit, and if he had affordable rates, then it may be an option worth considering.

Finally, you have the disputes credit attorney, who specializes in communicating with credit bureaus over false charges.  Whether these charges are due to fraudulent activity or a computer error is irrelevant; this lawyer is fighting for your right to remove any illegal items from your credit report.  In considering how to find a credit attorney such as this, start by carefully examining the attorney’s experience.  You can do this by looking over their company website and by speaking to the attorney during a free consultation. 

Just remember that like all legal professionals, experienced credit repair attorneys can charge an hourly rate of anywhere from $75 to $300 per hour or more.  You need to have a strong case if you want to bring forth litigation against any of the big three credit bureaus or an independent creditor.  Before you pay any fees try to exhaust all possible contact with the credit bureau itself.  After all, you can appeal to the credit bureaus repeatedly with no extra charge.  However, if you are convinced that the credit bureau is unwilling to help you and your credit has been illegally destroyed then you could have a strong basis for a lawsuit on your hands.

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The credit repair company you matched me with was amazing. I had a string of inaccurate information hit my credit report that misrepresented my character and borrowing capacity to lenders. My business requires that I have borrowing capacity at all times. Thinking I could save time and money, I tried dealing directly with the vendors that incorrectly reported information to my file. What a mistake! It just wasted time and aggravated me. I called your company and quickly learned that paying the professionals is the best way to go. You did in 10-days what I couldn't do in nearly three months. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done! Read More