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Legal Credit Repair

Is Credit Repair Legal?

A lot of people wonder if credit repair is truly legal.  The truth is it’s not only perfectly legal it is imperative for the majority of us.  Research has shown that up to 70% of all credit reports in the United States have errors on them.  These mistakes need to be repaired or your credit scores will not reflect your true risk factors. Yes, there are some firms out there touting repair services that are illegal, and some that are simply unethical.
A couple of things to look out for are firms that want you to apply for a new social security number or just wants to delete all negative information from your files.  These types of operators need to be avoided, they are involved in illegal acts or do not have your best interest as there motivation. There is much more involved to repairing and optimizing a person’s credit report than just blanket deletions.

It’s important to remember that when dealing with credit reporting agencies you have the law on your side.  Without it, they would not concern themselves with the accuracy of your reports.  The credit bureaus are required to present fully accurate reports on each consumer, however if you do not initiate complaints of errors and inaccuracy, the credit bureaus will simply do nothing. You need to defend your rights as a consumer to have clear and accurate reporting of your credit history.

When looking for assistance or advice on credit repair you want to deal with those who are willing to give you a complete consultation before you make any decisions. Ask if those that will be working on your behalf have any professional education or certifications. Will they be doing anything to help protect your information from identity theft? Do they have strategies to help you deal with your debt, and to rebuild a positive credit profile as you move forward.

A good credit repair agency will let you know that you have the right to do it yourself. Many folks just don’t feel they have the time or proper knowledge to be effective themselves. If this is the case do your due diligence and make sure you will be represented by a qualified individual that will work legally to improve your credit profile.

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