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  • 5 Great Resources To Combat Identity Theft

    Are you confused about what to do if you are the victim of identity theft?  Join the crowd.  Here are five great resources to help you fight identity theft.  Identity theft can ruin your credit report (and hurt your finances).  Fight back.

  • Your Credit Score: How Employers Use It

    You probably know that credit card companies, mortgage companies and car lenders use your credit report and check your credit score.  Did you know that your credit reports can be pulled by potential employers as well?

  • Prevent Identity Theft

    The Internet and easy access to information is great in many ways.  Unfortunately, there are some downsides.  For example, it is getting easier for thieves to steal your identity.  You need to know how to prevent identity theft.  Prevention, and careful monitoring, is crucial to the health of your credit reports.

  • The Big Three Bureaus: Credit Reporting Powerhouses

    Who are the big three bureaus of credit?  By name they are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.  Though they are often referred to as the 3 major credit bureaus they are actually known by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) as consumer reporting agencies.  Their job is to collect personal information and financial data on consumers from their sources of information.  These data furnishers are made up of creditors that each individual has had previous dealings with.  They may include commercial creditors, lending institutions, debt collection agencies, courts or utility companies.  All relevant information, including payoffs, open accounts, late payments, delinquent accounts and bankruptcy will be reported back to the credit bureaus.  That information will be of great interest to future lenders that want to know how creditworthy their new applicant is. 

  • Credit Monitoring Reports: What Are They?

    Credit Monitoring Reports are frequently sold to consumers who want to keep track of their credit score and their credit reports.  Find out what they are, and how you can use them to improve your credit score.


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I had credit problems, and wasn't able to qualify for a regular bank loan or a credit card. Then, I ran into a financial emergency. I found out that I could take out a faxless payday loan quickly and get cash to cover my emergency. The good thing is the lender didn't need to pull my credit history, and I was approved easily. Read More