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Free Credit Score Report: You’d Better Get Yours!

More and more consumers are experiencing being turned down by lenders for home loans, school loans and even simple credit cards, due to their credit reports and scores.  Many of these consumers are shocked to learn that their credit reports are not in shape.  After all, haven’t they paid all of their bills on time?  Where do these discrepancies come from?  What can you do to ensure that your credit report doesn’t suffer a similar fate?

The best thing to do is get your free credit score report each year.  Why, you ask?  Shouldn’t the consumer know what is on the report?  After all, they are the ones responsible for paying their bills, right?  If it were actually that simple, there would be no need for a free annual credit report.  However, inconsistencies in debt reporting, identity theft and errors in report generation can all add up to one very large headache for consumes.
There have been numerous cases where erroneous charges were made due to similar names, address changes and simple software glitches.  These results have severely limited the purchasing power of consumers, forced them to purchase homes not to their satisfaction and lead to lengthy court battles with the credit bureaus.

Why do you need your free credit score report?  Simply put, you need it in order to ensure the charges and items listed are correct.  Without accurate information concerning the contents of your report and your free annual credit score information, you may be in for a nasty surprise.  Your free yearly credit report holds vital information about your financial capabilities; if your identity has been stolen or false charges placed on your report, you can find yourself without the ability to purchase anything, regardless of your income level or actual debt amounts.

Taking advantage of the free credit score report is the simplest way to ensure your own protection.  If you believe that the credit bureaus will alert you (for free), you are mistaken.  Likewise, the government will not alert you if charges not of your making are placed on your account.  Being proactive and getting a copy of your free annual credit report is the only way to ensure your continued economic health.

By law, you are entitled to one free annual credit report each year; getting your hands on that information now will save you a headache and tons of frustration in the future.

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The credit repair company you matched me with was amazing. I had a string of inaccurate information hit my credit report that misrepresented my character and borrowing capacity to lenders. My business requires that I have borrowing capacity at all times. Thinking I could save time and money, I tried dealing directly with the vendors that incorrectly reported information to my file. What a mistake! It just wasted time and aggravated me. I called your company and quickly learned that paying the professionals is the best way to go. You did in 10-days what I couldn't do in nearly three months. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done! Read More