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Getting a Free Credit Score With Your Free Report May Get Easier

This good news is reported in today’s Wall Street Journal:

Consumers may soon be able to get free credit scores through their bank or credit union.

Fair Isaac Corp., maker of the FICO credit score, is announcing an agreement Thursday to make its score available free to an estimated 200,000 members at the Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union, and is working on inking other deals.

The deal is an expansion of Fair Isaac’s “Scores on Statements” program, offered mainly to credit-card customers at Washington Mutual, which is being acquired by J.P. Morgan Chase & Co. Card holders who hold the Sears Solution MasterCard issued by HSBC also can get their FICO score free.

“We’re in talks with a lot of our major customers now,” said Michael Campbell, chief operating officer at Fair Isaac. Typically, customers will see the same FICO score that the bank is using to make its own lending decisions. Consumers will get their FICO scores and the top reasons for why their score is what it is, how their actions have affected their scores and ways to improve them.

Hopefully FICO extends this great program to more Americans.  It’s our credit score—why should we be paying to see it?

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