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Improve Your Credit Related Articles List

  • Establishing Positive Credit (Part I of II)

    Every one wants to have a good credit score; however this is easier said than done. For anyone to have good credit they will need to establish good credit accounts and maintain them in the way you and your creditors have agreed. Remember, a borrower with no credit is treated like one with poor credit! Credit scores work like the scales of justice, you need to have more positive accounts on your credit than negative accounts if you are going to be considered for credit on major purchases.

  • Are You Prepared to Take a Credit Hit?

    Are you prepared for three of the leading circumstances that eventually cause Americans credit to take a major negative hit?
    Divorce. Loss of income.  Medical issues with no insurance. These 3 life changing events are the top ways a person may end up with major credit problems. Think about it. How many people plan for these events and the financial consequences that will follow? With proper planning and an emergency savings plan you may be able to avoid the credit problems that follow.

  • Want to Improve Your Credit Score? Pay Bills On Time

    Paying your bills on time seems like common sense, however it is the most common reason that people have poor credit scores. If you are going through lean financial times this is certainly easier said than done. Unfortunately when hard times fall upon us we rarely have any advance notice. Things like loss of employment, a death in the family, the family car breaking down, or even unforeseen medical problems can all put a pinch on your family budget.  If you have not saved any money for a rainy day fund these kinds of problems may lead to you missing a scheduled payment with one of your creditors. This is one of the quickest ways to seriously damage your credit scores.

  • Credit and Savings Tip: Pay Off Your Credit Card

    Did you know that carrying a credit card balance is costing you money each month?  It’s probably hurting you credit score as well.

  • The Right Way to Do a Credit Inquiry

    So you need to buy something on credit. What do you do? If you are like most people you walk in to someone’s business and tell them you need to buy something. You will both negotiate a price for the needed item; once this is settled you fill out a credit application so they can go run a credit inquiry to see if you will be approved. Sound familiar? This is the wrong way to do a credit inquiry, especially if you are credit challenged.

  • Building A Good Credit Record

    Given the state of the economy, it is more important than ever to have good credit. Good credit means having a good credit record and a good credit score. Every day we get bombarded with bad news—record numbers of homes being foreclosed… People drowning in debt.  The bad news never seems to end.  If you have hopes to buy a house, buy a car, get a good credit card ... even to get a job, you need to have good credit. Here are some tips to build and maintain a good credit record.

  • Build a Good Credit Record Now: Enjoy It Later!

    Some things just get better with time.  Wine.  Some cheeses.  Good friendships.  All of ‘em take a little time to reach their best.  The same is true for credit reports.  It takes a little time to improve your score.  But the time and effort is well worth it.  A good credit score can save you thousands of dollars over time.

  • Free Credit Repair: You Can Do It Yourself

    Did you know that you can repair your credit yourself?  In fact, the Federal Trade Commission thinks that self credit repair is the best way to go.  Here are a few thoughts about free credit repair.

  • The Big Three Credit Bureaus: About the Equifax Credit Bureau

    Continuing our series of articles about the big three credit bureaus, here’s a look at the Equifax credit bureau.  Equifax has a long and interesting history.

  • The Experian Credit Bureau—What You Need To Know About Them

    No series of articles about the Big Three Credit Bureaus would be complete without an article about Experian, one of the largest credit bureaus in the world. 

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